a family of local churches living sent

The Sojourn International is a family of local churches committed to the task multiplying disciples and churches in cities around the world. We are four separate yet interdependent churches that work together for the good of one another, the good of the nations, and for the glory of God. 

We exist to send out healthy members to multiply disciples and churches in international cities.

Sending out healthy members
As a collective of churches, we seek to send out healthy members that exhibit spiritual maturity, proven character and biblical qualifications. Sending is an ongoing relationship between the one sent out and their local church which includes development, ongoing care, prayer, accountability and committed support.

Multiplying disciples and churches
Through multiplication, the kingdom of God expands. Missionaries sent from Sojourn Churches are focused on proclaiming the gospel, developing disciples that multiply, and starting reproducing churches. We seek to multiply as we love the poor, broken and hurting around us. 

International cities
Because our God is a missionary God who desires to see his glory spread to all nations, we send global missionaries to strategic places where the gospel hasn’t been or where it has been forgotten. As the world’s population continues to become overwhelmingly urban, cities are the gateways to reaching the nations.