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Sojourn East Opportunities

School of Missions

School of Missions is an eight month formal development program shared by Sojourn Collective, beginning in the fall of each year. The aim is to allow prospective sent ones to learn about world missions, develop personally and spiritually, and practice missionary skills within the context of community. Click here to learn more:

Go Short-term

Throughout the year Sojourn East organizes strategic short-term trips and participates in opportunities with the broader Sojourn Collective. For information on this year's trips click here:

Go Mid to Long-term

Sojourn East is looking to send medical, business, and education professionals to share the gospel and make disciples in cities around the world. Click here to learn more about our sending process:

Missionary Care

Understanding the unique challenges faced by our sent ones, Sojourn East commits to providing holistic care, continuous encouragement and practical support through every stage of their journey. If you're interested in serving in the area of missionary care, let us know here:

Prayer for the Nations

On the second Sunday of every month we gather between services to pray for our workers and our world. Click here for specific dates:

Mission Chats

Sojourn East hosts monthly gatherings for members who sense a calling to serve overseas. We discuss various missions-related topics and spend time praying for each other and our sent ones. Watch the bulletin for the next Missions Chat gathering!