2019 Sojourn International Global Trips

Serving the Nations by supporting our partners and growing as disciples.

Trip Requirements for all trips:

1) Believer in Christ, 2) Member or member in process of a Sojourn congregation, 3) Active in a community group, 4) Complete and pass a background check 5) Submit $200 deposit once approved for a trip.

Trip dates and prices are approximate and subject to change. Please contact Rebecca at rharrod@sojournchurch.com with questions and concerns.

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Sojourn Midtown

Trip dates: March 28 - April 6

Cost: $700 + airfare

Apply by January 24, 2019

Join our Nepali partners to provide basic theological training to local pastors and leaders in a rural mountain region.


Dominican Republic - Medical

Sojourn Midtown & Sojourn New Albany

Trip dates: June 4 - 11

Cost: approx $1600

Apply by March 27, 2019

Serve in medical clinics in communities surrounding Santiago and spend intentional time encouraging our Sent Ones.


Oakland, California

Sojourn Midtown

Trip dates: June 17-24

Cost: $1,300

Apply by April 9, 2019

Partner with the Westbrooks in the East Bay area to prayer walk, build relationships with residents and visitors, and provide support and encouragement to their new church plant and the rest of the team.

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Puerto Rico

Sojourn Midtown

Trip date: July 9 - 15

Cost: $1200

Apply by April 12, 2019

Support and work alongside a new church plant and Puerto Rican believers to provide spiritual and emotional care, as well as relief, for those impacted by hurricane Maria.


Horn of Africa - College

Trip dates: Late June

Cost: $875 + airfare

Apply by March 2019

This trip is for Acts 1:8 Project participants. Visit http://sojourncollege.com/a18/ for more details.


Mexico City

Sojourn J-Town

Trip date: March 2020

Cost: $1,000

Apply by September 30, 2019

We’ll partner with a local church near a large university campus to engage in gospel outreach and prayer walking. Other ministry will include encouraging local churches & pastors around the city with specific needs their congregation may have.


Southern France

Sojourn Midtown

Trip dates: November 16 - 23

Cost: $950 + airfare

Apply by July 1, 2019

Work with our Sojourn team on the ground as they plant churches among North Africans. Potential ministry opportunities could include: English tutoring club, hosting a block party, prayer walking, initiating spiritual conversations, etc.